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22 september 2016

timetrack 1 (Auditorium)track 2 (Sylva)track3 (Expo)track 4 (Aqua)
9h20Overview of OSGeo projects
9h40Report from FOSS4G Bonn
10h00What is happening in OpenStreetMap (Christian Quest)
10h30First coffeebreak
11h00State of Open Geo Data in Brussels
Tanguy De Lestré[fr]
Backtothemap - an open-source based web application for exploring historical geodata
Linton Donovan & Julie Velghe[en]
Using Open Source Tools To Visualize Spatial Activity Drone Restrictions
Aäron Trippaers[en]
11h25State of Open Geo Data in Flanders
Tom Van Herck[nl]
Simplify GeoSpatial Workflows for Municipalities
Luc De Heyn[nl]
Open 3D visualisation meets open data
Klaas Dijkstra[en]
11h50Le Géoportail de la Wallonie facilite l’accès aux données géographiques
Samuel Mattern[fr]
Inspire >> GIS - European collaboration through INSPIRE and OSS
Dirk Frigne[en]
iTowns, web framework for 3D geospatial data
Vincent Picavet[en]
12h15Lunch break
14h00Fighting for a more open future
Pieter Colpaert[nl]
No budget site assesment for wind energy projects
Joris Hintjens[en]
Meet Geonode, an oss starting point for an efficient SDI solution development
Julien Collaer[en]
Cleartables (OSM)
Paul Norman[en]
14h25Open Source & GIS = Use case in an administration
Laetitia Dupin[fr]
Réaliser un atlas sur une étendue statique avec QGis
Didier Peeters[fr]
Automated urban remote sensing with Python
Yann Forget[en]
JOSM Public Transport Assistant Plugin
Darya Golovko[en]
14h50KLIP gaat mobiel met OpenLayers 3
Liesbeth Rombouts[nl]
QGIS 3 - where do we stand ?
Vincent Picavet[fr]
European-wide Railway Routing using pgrouting, resteasy, openlayers and angular.js
Babs Dumont[en]
3rd Degree Polynomial Curve Fitting Approach To Improve OpenStreetMap Derived Curved Road Lengths
Mohammed Zia[en]
15h15Projet de mise en place du registre national REDD+ de la RDC
Guy Marcel Fianla[fr]
Python, GRASS & Leaflet to generate the "solar electricity" indicator.
Huart Jean Pierre[en]
Voyageur de commerce et postier chinois avec outils libres
Christophe Cloquet[fr]
Delivering high resolution deformation maps with high performance and extensive processing capabil
Marco Duiker[en]
15h40Move your organisation to open source
Dirk Frigne[nl]
Wænd : an online GIS shaped to drive questioning on spatial representations & emphasizes diversit
Pacôme Beru / Pierre Marchand[en]
Linked geospatial data using open- source software
Stijn Goedertier[en]
16h10Second Coffeebreak
16h30General assembly

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